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The Workstyle Code

Our goal is to replace the traditional 9-5 system with workstyle, so that work can fit around life for everyone. We believe this is not only transformational for people, but also for businesses and society at large. Together, we believe in:

Inclusive work
We campaign for the removal of systemic biases and a shift towards practices that create inclusive and diverse workplaces. 

Fulfilling work
We know that people who are free to choose where and when they work have a greater sense of wellbeing and fulfilment. 

Fair work
We believe that judging people by the quality of their work (not where or when it is done), will create a fairer world of work without bias.

One day, everyone will work this way.

Life is being forced to fit around a rigid system of work.

Our health is being damaged, people are being excluded and our productivity is deteriorating.

Flexible working has tried to fix this inflexible industrial-age system, but the system is beyond repair.

We need a digital-age system that combines work with the life you want to live, no matter who you are. 

No more pointless commuting, soulless offices, draining meetings and missing the meaningful moments. 

One word can bring us all back to life... Workstyle.

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